May 7, 2021

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Do You Need a CPAP Filter?

The simple answer to the question is yes, you do need a CPAP filter. This is not an expense that you should be looking at spending and I hope you don’t have one installed in your machine while you are under the care of your doctor. The first thing you will find when looking for a CPAP cleaner is that most are very inexpensive.

Rain, Wet, Pearl, Bubble, Cleaner

If you want something cheap then you won’t find it. There is however a wide variety of cleaners that are high quality and do the job they are designed for It’s important that the CPAP machine is cleaned regularly so it will continue to work the way it was intended.

Need a CPAP Filter?

The filters have to be replaced periodically but typically don’t have to be done more than once per year. For some people they may have to clean the filters more often but that is due to the type of filters that are used. If you are dealing with an oxygen-free system then you may have to clean the filters more often. CPAP machines work together and if there is a clog in one machine the others will fail too.

Final Words

When choosing a CPAP filter you will want to check the manufacturer’s information. They are usually listed somewhere on the machine. If you are unsure which brand you should buy then you can also ask your doctor or research online for suggestions. You should always test the filters before using them so you know how well they work. Some people notice sooner than others but generally the results are good. Remember to get a good price on a filter too.