April 23, 2021

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A Guide to Leather Bags For Men

The best leather bags for men are the bags that will give a man’s look and fashion statement year after year. Men’s leather bags have been a staple of the classic man’s wardrobe since its inception. This is a leather bag that will not fade with age, a leather bag will give your look more “oomph” than any other cheap imitation leather handbag out there.

Leather Bags For Men

Cheap leather bags only last a few years, those cheap bags usually only last 3 seasons, and then they fall apart and need to be thrown out, so here is how to tell real leather from a cheaply made leather bag.

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Real leather bags for men should be sturdy, have good stitching, they should not have any visible seams on them or any obvious imperfections in them, leather bags are often water-resistant, which is important when you’re traveling to an exotic beach destination or the rainforest.

There are two types of leather bags for men: full-grain leather and top grain leather. Full grain leather bags for men are considered to be the strongest and most durable weekend bags for women. Top grain leather bags for men are less durable than full grain, but they are not as strong.

The reason is that top grain leather is harvested from the inside of the animal’s body where most of the wrinkles and imperfections are located, whereas full-grain leather is harvested from the skinning side of the animal where most of the wrinkles and imperfections are found. So when buying a weekender bag, you want to get the top grain leather variety.

The leather bags for men are usually sold by weight, so when purchasing a weekender bag you would want to get the largest bag that you possibly can afford. Usually the bigger the bag the better quality it will be. It is always best to use a sealer on a large bag to protect it from the elements. Some of the terms used to describe the different leather materials used to make leather bags include: