April 23, 2021

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Information Regarding German Shepherd Mix Puppies

The German Shepherd Husky combination is an attractive hybrid combination of German Shepherd and Husky German Shepherd. weighs from 35 to 90lbs and stands at just above twenty-six inches tall. It is extremely intelligent, energetic, and loyal, yet very affectionate.

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German Shepherd mix puppies on average weigh in between ten and fifteen pounds at the most. Their height varies from four to seven inches at the shoulder, with the hips and legs being fairly long. They have all the great traits of the German shepherd and Husky mixes – namely, intelligence, loyalty, and temperament, but are far more understated and elegant.

Regarding German Shepherd Mix Puppies

Most of these dogs are full-grown when they are eighteen to twenty-four weeks old, but most live for anywhere from eight to ten years. They are generally healthy animals, but they may have some health issues present, especially if they are mixed with older siblings.

German Shepherd mix puppies are wonderful pets for those who enjoy working with dogs but don’t have time or patience to devote to a purebred dog. German Shepherds have a much longer life span than purebred German Shepherds and Huskies, often outlasting their parents by seven to ten years.

German Shepherd mix puppies should be socialized as early as possible to help them establish a balanced relationship with their new family. They should also receive obedience training from an experienced professional trainer, so that they will learn how to behave appropriately around people.

Final Words

They are extremely loyal and require a very loving and consistent owner, but they are great pets overall. Being a mix between the Shepherd and Husky breeds, German Shepherd and Husky mix puppies can be a wonderful lifelong companion.