April 22, 2021

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History of the Knife Daraz

The knife Daraz is a unique blade from Iran that was used in the 15th century by Shah Qods and his army read more. The name Daraz comes from two words, Daraz meaning sword, and zardozi meaning blade. According to Persian legend, the sword was forged by a blacksmith in Ertiyam, Iran who called it Daraz.

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In addition, it was told that the first person to use the tool was a tailor named Mustafa Askari. It was said that he cut the leather of an ox and thus created the basis for the knife that we know today.

The use of this particular knife dates back to the time of Shah Jahan, who was interested in acquiring an army that would fight in wars against the Christians and the Mongolian army.

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The soldiers that he raised were known as the “Khalak”, or Knights, and they would practice using the knife under the tutelage of their trainers and masters. The blade of this particular knife is what is referred to as “Dalian” in Farsi and “Badal” in Arabic. This blade was later adopted by the Turkish army and after that, it was brought to the Russian army during the Russian invasion of Afghanistan.

Final Words

After the destruction of the Shah’s regime, this weapon was passed down as a symbol of peace among the Afghan tribes. Today, this knife holds a very special place in the culture of Afghanistan, as well as the people there. The art that surrounds this knife is known as “Dalai Karka”, which means “the method of cutting through fire”.