April 22, 2021

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How to Find the Best Domain Registrar Reviews

If you’ve ever browsed through some of the domain registrar reviews out there, then you probably noticed that some of them seem to favor one specific company or another View source. You might have even seen someone recommend their favorite reseller or the one with the lowest price. As you read through these reviews and make your decision based on your own needs and preferences, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

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First, there’s the question of email forwarding. Is it important to register your domain name with a provider who provides email forwarding as well? There is little doubt that this is a critical feature for people who plan on doing business online. A few good points to consider here.

Find the Best Domain Registrar Reviews?

First, it’s important to remember that domain-parking and domain forwarding are not the same thing, and when they are, the process for renewing is a little different from renewing your normal hosting account. Most of the top registrars make it very easy to renew your account, even if you move domains in the future. Second

, it’s helpful to find a service that offers phone support as well, so if you run into any issues or need any help, you can call the technical support person instead of walking into the registrar’s office to discuss things over the phone. Third, it’s also helpful to find a service that lets you renew each domain without having to take up an extra credit card, since most of the time, it’s a lot easier to just use your regular credit card for this kind of purchase.

A second thing you should consider is the price of renewal. Is it important to find a provider that offers a low price for your domain name registration?

Well, while there is nothing wrong with a lower price for a domain name registration, sometimes the extra profit from the higher-priced registrar is able to pocket by offering special discounts to new customers, such as a month-to-month billing structure, is not worth it for a new customer just starting out. On the other hand, if you’ve already bought a domain name and decided not to renew it, but are interested in switching hosts, a lower price might be important in helping you keep your hosting for the long term.

Another aspect to check for is how long it takes for your domain to be active. Bluehost, for example, offers you an opportunity to activate the domain name registration within three minutes after payment has been made.

This means you can be online at your domain name’s checkout in about two minutes, and have your domain activated in less than a minute. Now, if you’re using a reseller host like hostgator, your wait time will be much shorter. At hostgator, it takes only 10 seconds to activate a domain! While I personally don’t think this is such a big deal, you may feel differently.

Last but not least, look at the list of features offered by the domain registrar you’re considering. Myself, I find that most of these features either don’t really need them, or at least aren’t that necessary, but having them can be nice.

Final Words

For example, many of the site builders offered by bluehost, cpanel, or hostgator are really just glorified web pages, which take up too much space and memory and can be annoying if used incorrectly. As such, I recommend avoiding these kind of sites altogether, unless you’re a huge “do-it-yourself” type who can figure out how to use the site builder. Otherwise, look for a host that offers phone support in addition to email and live chat options.