April 22, 2021

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Living Room Neon Signs

Neon signs are used by businesses and companies to advertise their products and services as well as for social and political campaigns. When you think of a neon sign it conjures up images of casinos, bars, race cars, Halloween costumes and super heroes from your favorite superhero movies or TV shows. These kinds of images invoke memories for many people, and they are the reason why they choose to use these kinds of images on their neon advertising signs.

Neon Signs

Using neon in your business and personal ads helps you achieve much more than just a bright, colorful advertisement. The image of a bar in the middle of a crowded street is very different from a poster promoting healthy living that sits on the living room wall.

Illuminated, Light, Neon Light, Sign

By choosing images that stimulate memories in your audience you can evoke specific memories with your ads. This is the power of images; they can evoke emotional responses in people custom neon signs. It’s no accident that the image on the left side of a poster that promotes healthy living and green living appeals to so many people while the image at the right is more suitable for an automotive ad.

To understand how living room neon signs work it helps to know a little bit about the human brain. One of the most powerful factors behind the success of an ad campaign is the ability of the message to connect with the target audience. The human brain has unique circuitry that allows it to make connections between images and words.

Because the human brain is extremely complex and connected in such a way, when you create a visual ad, you have a much better chance of making that connection between the image and what you’re selling. With this kind of understanding, you can see why living room neon signs can be an effective way of advertising for your business.