April 22, 2021

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Introduction to Fencing and Some History

Fencing is an array of three disciplines distinguished by their involvement in the sport of fencing. The three disciplines in fencing are the epee, the sabre, and the foil; winning competitions are mainly made via the contact of an opponent with the fencer’s weapon. The sport of fencing began during the fifteenth century with the introduction of the stick as an alternative to the more lethal weapon of the mace. In the early Renaissance, fencing was used to mark territory and to train soldiers.

Introduction to Fencing

Today fencing continues to be a popular sport and also as a competitive arena. Competitions take place all over the world, with the ultimate prize for the winner being the coveted title of “Master of Fencing”. Many schools now offer fencing as an extracurricular activity mastergroups.com.au. Schools that teach fencing have always made their own tools and are able to customize the use of each weapon based on their needs. This is the reason that most schools that teach fencing make their own foils or their own swords.

man standing while holding onto wire chains

When fencers are paired together they practice what is known as fencing without arms. This means that the fencers will attack each other from a distance using the weapon they are most comfortable carrying, without ever touching it with the rest of their body. Because the fencers are not allowed to feel their opponent or the target area, the attacks are often done within a few meters of the other fencer who is using the approved weapon. By practicing the attack without arming or hitting the opponent, the fencers develop their defensive and offensive skills.