April 22, 2021

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How To Get Out Of A Temp Agency

Temp agencies are growing like weeds in hot, dry California. They have popped up everywhere, promising an easy way to find work and a cushy salary. What you may not know is that temp agencies don’t offer the kind of job stability that most temp workers are looking for. In fact, they can put you right back into a cold calling environment, where you’re answering questions for an employer you never knew existed.

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How to get out of a temp agency contract is to avoid the agencies altogether. Avoid using a temp agency at all costs! Don’t waste your time emailing them, going through their application process, or even talking to them on the phone. There are plenty of legitimate temp agencies out there that will actually help you find a job, but if you use one that isn’t reputable, then you’re just wasting time. You’ll be putting yourself into a position to potentially lose your job as soon as you don’t sign a contract with them.

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There are a few signs that a temp agency might not be right for you. The first is that they aren’t as specific as you need them to be. Instead of targeting specific fields (such as medical transcription), you need a broader agency. It’s not always a bad thing; companies often need more than one person to do some positions, so it makes sense to go with a wider field. But when you sign up for a temp agency, you give them permission to contact any employer across the board staffing agency. That opens you up to getting a lot of phone calls, emails, and letters, which means you aren’t really establishing any kind of relationship with the employer.

Another sign that you may want to go elsewhere is if the temp agency you’ve signed up with requires you to be available during their opening hours. If so, you’ll have wasted your money and gotten nothing done! If the employer expects you to be available at all times, you may feel like you’re being used or abused, and you may want to move on. That’s a sign that the temp agency isn’t the right match for you – and you should never have to pay to work!

You can get out of a temp agency even before you sign up, if you’re savvy. When you initially look for a temp agency, you might have some qualms. After all, you have no experience in this field, and you may feel intimidated by the idea of working with someone you’ve never met. Well, don’t let your fears keep you from searching for the perfect temp agency! Once you know how to get out of a temp agency, you’ll be glad you did.

You can get out of a temp agency just by being proactive. If you know how to get out of a temp agency, you’ll be glad you took control of your search and started contacting temp agencies. When you know how to get out of a temp agency, you can focus on finding the right candidate instead of focusing on filling the position. Plus, once you know how to get out of a temp agency, you won’t be wasting your money sending resumes in blind.