May 7, 2021

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Nordic Flush Mount Lighting For Your Home

Minimalist flush mount lighting is a design that has become very popular over the past five to ten years. The minimalist approach to home lighting makes use of a great deal less light fixtures in many rooms of a house. Rather than the standard light fixture, there are flush mounts that are recessed into walls and contain the lights entirely.

Lighting For Your Home

Many times these lights have a glass cover that can be lifted to allow access to the bulbs or be removed completely so that they can be cleaned. This type of lighting is also more energy-efficient because it has fewer light bulbs and more accent lights to illuminate the room.

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There is something about Nordic minimalist lighting that appeals to me. I grew up in Europe during the 80s and during that time period, most homes had a lot of chain lighting and chrome I also remember seeing a lot of Nordic minimalist lighting in architecture and design magazines that I would see in art museums, galleries, and homes all around Europe.

I really liked this style because it was so different from the traditional types of lighting. It made me feel like I was an artist in some way because the lines and simplistic design made me feel like the artwork that I was looking at was my work and not some Houdini masterpiece was done by some lighting company.

When I was looking for a new light fixture for my bedroom ceiling, I decided to buy a Nordic flush mount lighting because I found them online at Lowepro. I was not disappointed with the product because it was exactly what I was searching for.

I love the way that the lights shine through the stained glass panels. I have seen people who have decorated using only Nordic lighting but I wanted to try to create the look in my home as much as possible without going overboard. I have been very happy with the results thus far.