May 7, 2021

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The Distance of the Rock Garden

Back in 2021, I visited the Darjeeling Himalaya with my family and we could not get enough of the rock garden in darjeeling. The pictures that I have seen of Darjeeling’s pink rock gardens and white sand beaches are priceless. So too was my desire to recreate these same environments in our backyard here in the United States.

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So, after making contact with the local Indian government and the local Buddhist temple, I got my permit to begin a project of creating the first rock garden in the United States. It took me almost eight months to complete the job, but it was worth it because I have seen the transformation of my family and I think Darjeeling too will gain from all the hard work.

Distance of the Rock Garden

Now, many hundreds of families have seen what I have seen and the transformation has been amazing to say the least. What we have done is brought this unique garden to our own backyard, but we have also planted some of the same trees that were planted by the Indians so the overall effect is much the same.

The only difference is that we have added the rock garden elements and created a beautiful outdoor space within our gated compound. It is just the distance of the rock garden that differs so greatly from the rock gardens of India. You can see the similarities between our garden and the rock garden of India almost right away because of the beautiful rock features and the lush green lush plants and flowers that are grown.

One of the challenges we faced when creating the distance of the rock garden was finding enough room to plant all the trees and shrubs that we wanted to grow. That was one of the biggest challenges that we had to face and we did a great job researching how many trees and shrubs we needed to make this area look like it did.

Final Words

One other challenge was the distance of the rock garden from the house. That was another problem that we struggled with because we wanted the garden to be out in the open but being in close proximity to the house was not an option because of the dog. Luckily we were able to find a solution for that as well.