May 7, 2021

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US Military Challenge Coins Being Used at the White House

Historically speaking, challenge coins are actually a relatively new form of reward given to those who serve in the military. Also referred to as recognition coins, they usually come in two distinct types – the coins designed and produced by governments and the coins made and distributed by private companies.

US Military Challenge Coins

Even though the first challenge coins were made and distributed by the military, it wasn’t until sometime after WWII that other non-military organizations began to honor those who’ve sacrificed for their country.

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Over the years, different countries have adopted different styles of challenge coins. One of the most prominent examples is the American coins which are often made with an eagle, golden eagle, or shield and are considered a symbol of pride and honor for those who serve in the armed forces.

Along with other government agencies, Facebook has been used as a medium to celebrate special events, important national holidays, and various other occasions cheap challenge coins. One way that the social networking website has been used as a platform to recognize those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifices for their country is through the use of challenge coins.

While it’s unclear when or why these coins first began to be used for these special events, one thing is certain – there’s no denying that they have become a popular and integral part of the military culture, from both the government and the military.

The coins are normally made of silver or gold plated metals and are usually made using special laser-engraved designs. They are then hand-applied with a UV coating to prevent them from being damaged by the sun. Some are even applied with a special metallic coating to allow them to reflect light in a reflective manner, much like a piece of artwork.

These special military challenge coins made their way into the White House, as was revealed in an interesting article on the White House website. It was noted that President Barack Obama had a “few” of them custom made for himself: