May 7, 2021

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Owning Your Very Own Private Swimming Lake

Summer time always brings with it a wave of cool weather and sights – and one of them is a great opportunity to take a swim in a swimming lake. Los Angeles kids come up with a variety of excuses to sneak out of school and head to the local swimming lake, not to mention the awesome selection of public swimming pools to choose from. But wait there is more! Did you also know that there are actually some great swimming lakes just a stone’s throw away from LA?

Private Swimming

If you live in Beverly Hills, you are in luck as there are a number of state parks in the area that provide access to swimming lakes. In fact, some of these parks even offer boat docks and other boat services for their guests. State parks in the area are highly regarded as a great destination for a family getaway or weekend get-together. Not only will you be able to explore all of your favorite national park locations, you can also head to one of the most beautiful lakes in the state – Lake Mead.

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There are two major lakes in the Beverly Hills / Orange County area. Public swimming lakes tend to be much smaller in size (which is why they are called’state parks’). King County, however, is home to the largest swimming lake in California – Olympic Recreational Park. This lake is in Pierce County and has smaller boats and associated amenities than its south county counterparts.

Lake Washington is a relatively new addition to the Los Angeles / Pacific coast area. The lake is being managed by the Washington State Department of Parks and Recreation, which has scheduled a grand opening celebration for the summer of 2021. A ribbon cutting ceremony will take place at the Lake Washington State Park on the first anniversary of its opening SilverRock Pools. This will mark the official beginning of what is expected to be a year of continuous improvements and grand openings. Of course, with an enormous lake like this, any possible drawbacks will almost certainly be mentioned.

If you are going to attend any of the upcoming events, it is highly recommended that you take along some form of identification such as a driver’s license or a passport. Parking at the swimming facility can be difficult due to limited parking spaces. Because of this, many facilities have installed a pay-to-park system, which allows visitors to pay a fee and then have access to free parking. With that said, make sure that you do pay your fee on time, otherwise you might find yourself having to wait around for hours in line to get into the park.

One of the biggest pluses to owning a private swimming facility is the fact that you will never have to worry about the price going up. Unlike several other Los Angeles area facilities, there is no general swimming season. Los Angeles has a great demand for recreational swimming, so there is always a pool or two available for everyone. There have been some rumors that a new lake development is on the way, but those have been put on hold until the economy turns around again. For now, enjoy the sun, the fun, and the relaxation as you slip into a pair of skimpy swim trunks and glide onto your very own private Los Angeles swimming lake.