May 7, 2021

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Important Characteristics and Applications of a Planetary Mixer

Concrete mixers are commonly used for all types of building functions. Modern technology has led to invention of various machinery which include various characteristics and capabilities. Among the most innovative and recent type of concrete mixers is that the planetary mixer. These mixers can be purchased even from the online shops as there are lots of reputable companies and traders that display these machineries at reasonable price rates.

The spectrum of Characteristics:

High Mixing Efficiency: Among the most important and attractive feature of these boosters is its own high efficacy. The machine includes mixing arms that move on a complex track Planetary Gear. These mixing arms are commanded by the equipment box of this mixer. It provides more efficacy in blending the concrete due to the distinctive structures.

Steady Driving Capacity: The whole mixer is powered and controlled with a tricky surface equipment box and therefore these mixers offer a steady driving which is another appealing feature of the mixing gear.

Simple to Maintain: The transmission system of the planetary mixer is essentially situated at the top of the mixing drum and therefore it’s totally disconnected from the concrete. As a result it is quite easy to keep these pellets and there are barely any leakage problems in those mixers. The construction of this mixer is uniquely crafted which reduces maintenance and ensures optimal performance.

These arms protect the whole mixing region which guarantees proper and complete mixing procedure. A homogeneous mixing can therefore be guaranteed by means of these devices.

It’s possible to customize these machines according to individual requirements. The online shops offer various customized products which could be selected according to the specific needs of customers.


These mixers are essentially used to mix dry hard concrete. It may be used to mix commercial concrete, pre-cast and high performance concrete. Apart from that, these devices have several other applications. It can also be utilized to manufacture pre-fabricated parts and building blocks.