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graphic design internship 2017 In other words, we want to delete the texture off the Horse and the background. This is also where flatting becomes quite helpful. Let’s go back to the flats layer, use the Magic Wand Tool to select the background and the horse, and then press Delete. Now our texture is only affecting our Hunter and a bit of his saddle. To add more depth, let’s tweak the layer’s Blend Mode and Opacity. There are many cool effects in the different layer modes, but for this tutorial, we will use the Overlay mode. This is one of my favorites when working with textures. Select the texture layer, set it to Overlay. Next, lower the texture layer’s Opacity to lessen the intensity — drop the dial back to about 63%. Feel free to experiment. This is the most basic way to deal with textures.

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Here is the result: Now we are going to create a new layer on top of the shadows layer to add some gradients to the background and the shield.

Mickaela will show you how to make pockets by using the shape and pen tools, and you’ll get your deliverable for this unit: Create five different shirts in black and white.

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But, as any programmer will tell you, generally the more 'transparent' the interface, the more work is being done for the user and the more code is needed.

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