Chicken And Rice Is Not Just for A Bodybuilding DietChicken and rice cakes

Trying hard to get your rice and poultry ?

This meal of this week is a little different. Although I’ve directed this at bodybuilders onto a preexisting diet, this recipe is among the best options for anybody with weight loss programs who are following a tasty meal thought.

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Since a few of you may know, I’m into bodybuilding. I did battle with the continuous”force feeding” of chicken, broccoli and rice. If some of you have completed a pre requisite bodybuilding diet, then you will learn how hard this really is… It got so bad for me early in the 20 week diet I actually wanted to shout every two hours as it came to having this dull mixture down.

As I’m really in my meals, I looked in better ways to cook chicken and rice for preexisting competition. While the this post is diet is very strict you’re very restricted with the kind of seasoning you may utilize. Anything with sugar is that a gigantic”NO NO” and if you take a look at the ingredients on many seasonings you may see salt and sugar. All sauces are from the question because these have a large calorie content, many again are packed with salt and sugar.

The calories that I have had to come mostly from rice and poultry.

These”Chicken and rice cakes” are some thing which I was able to devise when I was fighting one weekend after I had a time.

The dimensions of rice and poultry may vary for each individual if you’re competing. If you’re merely using this as a nutritious option you’ll be able to adhere to the dimensions I used.

You may need-

  • 4 chicken breasts
  • Ground Black pepper
  • 1 chili
  • 1 tsp of garlic
  • A Whole Lot of fresh coriander

No sugar-salt seasoning. (I used Singapore seasoning produced from”Penzeys spices”) but any additional seasoning that meets the standards of your daily diet Will do)

Measure 1

Cook the rice so It’s ready to consume, make this cool somewhat but do not Let It go completely cold

Measure 2

We aren’t searching for anything , simply chop it up and spray together with all the 1 cal not stick spray a couple of times.

Measure 3

Ensure that you remove the seeds from the chili here in the event you do not need it to become too sexy.

  • Step 4
  • Step 5

Season the sliced chicken with all the Singapore seasoning or what you decided to use. (that the Singapore seasoning will provide the meals a great spicy Asian flavor ). Then mix in the garlic, coriander, coriander and pepper. It’s ideal to coat each the chicken using this seasoning, so get stuck into it with your palms.

Step 6

Combine this in brief bursts, you do not wish to earn a raw rice and chicken soup! It’s personal preference how good you need to go here but I love to keep it pretty route.

Step 7

After this is blended or”Blended” take this from the blender and place into a bowl. Half the half and ball this again, you must wind up with 4 chunks… Nice! Squash down these balls so they’re about an inch thick

Measure 8

Utilize the 1 liter spray to lightly grease a baking tray or any tin foil, then put the four cakes on the tray and spray 1 cal spray (This will provide the cakes a crispy finish) or even if you’re not on a pre- competition diet, then you can top with Parmesan cheese. ) (I have not tried this but I imagine it would finish the cakes off well )

  • Measure 9
  • Measure 10

Serve with your favourite veg and eat while hot if you’re able to. I also have eaten those chilly like I will generally make a huge batch. It is best to not reheat such as reheated chicken could cause you problems if it is not done correctly.

As I’m into experimentation in the kitchen that I came up with this recipe however there are items you could do to make this exiting, like include onions (Yet no no in my own pre contest diet) or cheese, alter the spices which you put in or make a blue cheese sauce to put over the top… I am getting hungry now so I will wrap this up!

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